2064 NVRAM Adapters

17 December, 2010 (01:13) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

I finally got around to testing my 2064 NVRAM adapters and they work perfectly! Well… technically I’ve only tested one in Data East Star Wars but it works perfectly! These adapters replace the original 2064 RAM on many of the newer pinball systems and eliminate the need for batteries. Adapters for older RAMs (5101 and 6116) have been available for a long time and I’ve made those as well but RAM adapters for newer games using larger RAMs have not been readily available so I think these will be popular. I will be selling these adapters through my new site PinForge.com very soon.

Look, Ma! No Batteries!!

These boards are a little bit troublesome to solder because I’m using an SOIC package Ramtron F-RAM part but I’m hoping to offer them at an affordable price. If you want one before the new site launches send me an email.