Another new Bally/Stern test board!

16 July, 2010 (05:26) | Pinball | By: admin

A lot of my projects are finally starting to come together. These boards are another step toward a dedicated lamp driver board testing system. These boards connect to J1, J2 or J3 on the lamp driver board and connect an LED to each SCR output. There is a chart screened on the board that shows which SCR is associated with which LED based on which connector the board is attached to. They can be used by themselves to troubleshoot problems with the Bally/Stern lamp driver board while it’s installed in the machine. There is a wire soldered to the board with an alligator clip on the other end that connects to the switched illumination bus. Alternatively the boards can be used with my lamp driver tester board to test lamp driver boards out of the machine.

Here are some pictures: