New Toys!

8 February, 2010 (01:55) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

Recently I decided to treat myself to some new multimeters. The main meter that I wanted to buy was the Uni-T UT81 scope meter but I was having it shipped from China and the seller had a bunch of other meters available for really good prices so I decided to go a little crazy and order a few more. I can definitely use all of these meters in the future.

I had to laugh when I saw that the contents of the package were listed as “Toys” by the seller.

The meter on the top left is a capacitance meter. To the right is a basic DMM that I intend to use mostly as an ammeter. It’s rated at 20A which is higher than most DMM ammeters. To the right of that is the Uni-T UT81 scope meter. This is a very slick multimeter with built in 10MHZ oscilloscope and USB interface. I intend to use this meter a lot in the future for troubleshooting pinball boards. The USB interface will make it easier for me to share the results.

The bottom row from left to right is another basic DMM which will be used mainly as an ammeter, a nice compact DMM for general use, an analog multi-meter which can come in very handy in certain situations and a DMM clamp meter.

I have been considering buying the Uni-T UT81 meter for quite a while and I’m definitely not disappointed. I will write a more detailed review in the future but for now I’ll say this thing is awesome! It’s not terribly fast but neither is the stuff I’m testing. Very handy for troubleshooting pinball boards.

These meters are dog tested!