Stern Stingray Restoration Log – Part2: Cleaning

19 February, 2009 (04:08) | Pinball, Restoration Logs | By: admin

I got the Stingray stripped down and cleaned pretty quickly. It’s not a very complicated game so it came apart fast. I stripped almost everything from the playfield but left the pop bumpers and just taped them off. I also left the rollover switches and drop targets giving them the same treatment with masking tape.

I used 3 of these total for the cleaning on this playfield. I love Magic Eraser and this no-name brand works just as well and I get them pretty cheap. I’ve also used the name brand ones and don’t find much of a difference. I use isopropyl alcohol as the wetting agent for the magic eraser. The kind I use is called isopropanol and is 99% alcohol. You don’t want to use rubbing alcohol because it’s 30% water and the water can raise the grain of the plywood that the playfield is made from. You don’t want that. Water and playfields do not mix.

This picture shows the playfield with the plastics and apron removed.

The playfield overall was pretty dirty but this area had the worst ground in dirt.

There is some nasty wear in the middle of the playfield where the ball is ejected.

The upper playfield area wasn’t too bad but the area to the left of the upper pop bumper had a bunch of loose paint that all flaked off as soon as I touched it. This was a big disappointment as it didn’t look to bad when I started and ended up as a huge wear area down to the wood. There was really no way to avoid it, unfortunately.

Another angle.

This is the area that had the hidden wear. We’ll see in later pictures that the paint in this area was very loose and flaked when cleaned.

The next few pictures show some close up areas. I wanted to get these pictures to demonstrate how well the magic eraser can clean this kind of dirt.

The magic eraser is working it’s magic.

Making some more progress on the tear down.

This picture shows the start of the cleaning process.

By far the worst part about using the magic eraser is the white residue that is left behind. It can be a real paint to remove. I use alcohol and a clean rag and it comes off fairly well. I finish with Novus #2 to get the final residue off. The next few pictures show the cleaning progress.

The next few pictures show the playfield cleaned and magic eraser residue removed. I went over it twice and it came out fairly clean. I felt like I could have gotten the middle area to come up a little better but there is a fine line where the magic eraser will start removing the paint and I decided to stop before it was too late.

You can see where a huge chunk of paint was removed. There was no way to avoid this. The paint that was in this area was already a lost cause.

These pictures show some of the areas I showed earlier after cleaning. You can see how clean they are compared to the pictures above. The magic eraser does a good job of removing the dirt from the planking and ball swirl areas.

The first coat of wax applied. Just have to let it dry and buff it out. One or two more coats will be applied before reassembly.