Stern Stingray Restoration Log – Part 1: Initial Assessment

17 February, 2009 (04:13) | Pinball, Restoration Logs | By: admin

I can’t recall exactly when I picked up this Stingray though I know it was about 1-2 years ago. I got it in working condition with some spare boards for a fair price. The playfield is really dirty and will need to be fully stripped, cleaned and waxed. I had originally planned to touchup and clearcoat the playfield but once I dug into it I realized it needed a lot of touchup and I’m just not ready to put in the time that would require right now. The game will get a good cleaning and wax job on the playfield. The electronics will be cleaned up where necessary and it will be ready to play for a few years until I either sell it or completely restore it at some point.

The backglass is in great condition. I love the art on this game. It’s so colorful and detailed. I’m really starting to like the old Stern games. Since I started this site it seems like all I’ve been working on and I’ve got a few more to go after this one.

The playfield isn’t terrible but it’s not great either. There is some bad wear in a few spots and it’s really dirty with that kind of ground in dirt that is a real pain to clean.

This picture shows the playfield lit up. I actually had the game setup and played it quite a bit before tearing it down for restoration. Probably not the best idea given the condition of the playfield.

The game came complete and working. I decided that the MPU that was in it was a little too nice and would be better used in another project so I repaired another MPU to use with this game. That repair will be covered in another article.

The backglass has a few nicks but overall I’m quite happy with the condition. It will get a coat of triple thick as part of the restoration to prevent any further damage.

The driver board has had some work done to it at some point and the large filter capacitor has been replaced. I’ll probably run it the way it is until something breaks.

The rectifier board is also in good condition. I doubt I’ll do anything here until something breaks.

The rest of the pictures show the condition of the cabinet. Overall it’s a pretty nice game and once completed it will be even nicer.