One way to clean a playfield

9 December, 2008 (23:33) | Pinball | By: admin

Believe it or not this playfield suffered no damage. I just stood it up, blew the snow off with compressed air and took it inside to warm up. While my Nine Ball playfield clearcoat is curing I’m going to start on the 2 Big Game machines from my Stern deal earlier this year. This is a Big Game playfield that I’ve had for a while that I got from a local vending company that I deal with for free. It’s always nice to have an extra playfield for parts but I’m pretty sure this one is nicer than one of the two in the machines I’ve got. We’ll find out when I pull everything out of storage and get to work.

I forgot that the playfield was in the truck and it snowed. In my defense it WAS the first snow of the year. I won’t do that again…