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2064 NVRAM Adapters

17 December, 2010 (01:13) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

I finally got around to testing my 2064 NVRAM adapters and they work perfectly! Well… technically I’ve only tested one in Data East Star Wars but it works perfectly! These adapters replace the original 2064 RAM on many of the newer pinball systems and eliminate the need for batteries. Adapters for older RAMs (5101 and [...]

New Photo Gallery Added!

28 October, 2010 (09:32) | Arcade, Pinball, Restoration Logs | By: admin

I have added a new photo gallery to the site. This is something I planned to do a long time ago and finally got around to doing. This gallery will let me share many more pictures in much higher resolution than I have been sharing up to this point. I’ve already added a bunch of [...]

X to the Y

1 August, 2010 (20:53) | Arcade | By: admin

I’m finally all moved out of my warehouse. I had to leave quite a bit of stuff behind but I was able to move all of my pins and pinball parts as well as pretty much everything I actually wanted to keep so in the end it was not a big loss. It was actually [...]

The Great Game Giveaway Of ’09

24 February, 2010 (23:19) | Arcade | By: admin

I gave away a dozen or so games to a local friend last year. I took some pictures to commemorate the event.

New Toys!

8 February, 2010 (01:55) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

Recently I decided to treat myself to some new multimeters. The main meter that I wanted to buy was the Uni-T UT81 scope meter but I was having it shipped from China and the seller had a bunch of other meters available for really good prices so I decided to go a little crazy and [...]

Coming Attractions!

18 January, 2010 (07:24) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

Here are some sneak peaks of hardware I’m developing:

Pac-man Granddaughter Board

26 November, 2009 (00:05) | Arcade | By: admin

You’ve heard of a daughter board but how about a granddaughter board? I built this thing a couple of years ago. I’ve been working with a fellow collector on some hardware development and he wanted to see an example of a logic IC hiding under and EPROM so I figured I might as well write [...]

Fun with LEDs

20 July, 2009 (21:16) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

LEDs have been available to the pinball collector for quite a while now and I’ve been impressed with the results that can be achieved with them. I’ve also been disappointed at some of the things they don’t to too well like general illumination lighting. The biggest down side for me with LEDs has always been [...]

It’s Raining Ms. Pacman Manuals!

16 June, 2009 (03:51) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

I was visiting an operator friend of mine recently and she offered to sell me some boxes of manuals for a really good price. I took one look at the boxes and handed over the money without hesitation. I was definitely not disappointed. I ended up with a ton of pinball manuals that looked like [...]

Secret Santa

30 December, 2008 (08:07) | Arcade | By: admin

This year our family decided to do a secret Santa draw and pick names from a hat. The one rule was that you had to make the present. I drew my brother-in-law’s name and decided to build him an arcade machine running MAME. I’ve built a few MAME machines over the years but I always [...]