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Moving pinball machines is my business and business is good

29 June, 2010 (20:56) | Pinball | By: admin

Recently the company that I’ve been renting my warehouse space from needed to use the space for their own storage so I was forced to move out. Most of the pinball machines I had stored there are now being stored in my basement and I’m planning to restore and sell 50+ machines over the next [...]

Just what I need! More projects!

8 February, 2010 (22:12) | Pinball | By: admin

I picked up these 2 Mousin’ Around pinballs the other day. For the price I couldn’t turn it down. I made a short video showing how I load and unload games by myself. I’m not sure when these machines will be restored but I’m hoping it will be some time in the next couple of [...]

New Toys!

8 February, 2010 (01:55) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

Recently I decided to treat myself to some new multimeters. The main meter that I wanted to buy was the Uni-T UT81 scope meter but I was having it shipped from China and the seller had a bunch of other meters available for really good prices so I decided to go a little crazy and [...]

Bally/Stern MPU Testing Just Got Easier!

18 January, 2010 (10:06) | Pinball | By: admin

The hardware that runs the classic Bally/Stern series of pinball machines is by far the most prolific of all the pinball systems. Consequently there are tens or even hundreds of thousands of these machines still out there. Many in need of repair. Over the years I’ve grown to know this hardware quite well and currently [...]

Coming Attractions!

18 January, 2010 (07:24) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

Here are some sneak peaks of hardware I’m developing:

Classy Bowler Woodrail Comes Home!

27 October, 2009 (04:14) | Pinball | By: admin

Recently a friend of mine found a 3 game bulk deal and this was one of the games. He knows that I’m always looking for woodrail machines so he was kind enough to cut me in on the deal and sell it to me. Based on the price and his description I agreed to buy [...]

I love Coincidences!

11 August, 2009 (20:11) | Pinball | By: admin

After buying a bunch of pinball backglasses that I wasn’t sure I would ever use I was thrilled to find a Gottlieb Baseball machine with a bad backglass advertised locally for a good price. The same guy also had a Bally Trail Drive machine for sale. I hadn’t heard of that game but when I [...]

PCBs Have Arrived!

5 August, 2009 (03:06) | Pinball | By: admin

The printed circuit boards I’ve been working on have arrived from the fabricator. I am absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. I’m still waiting on a bunch of parts to start assembling and testing the designs but this is a huge step in the direction of releasing some commercial products that will make the [...]

Quick And Dirty MPU Repair

3 August, 2009 (21:23) | Pinball | By: admin

I purchased a Bally Black Jack pinball a couple of years ago that had an Altek Ultimate MPU installed. I have a bunch (over 50) of Bally/Stern MPUs for repair so I decided to repair one and sell the Altek board. This was about 2 years ago so I can’t totally recall why I chose [...]

Another Backglass Find

28 July, 2009 (21:56) | Pinball | By: admin

I had the opportunity to buy a few backglasses recently. Nothing too interesting to tell other than I bought a bunch of them and I’ll be sealing them with triple thick over the next couple of weeks. Here are some pictures of the glasses: