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Bally/Stern MPU Memory Expansion Board

20 April, 2011 (13:27) | Pinball | By: admin

It should come as no surprise to readers of my blog that I’ve created yet ANOTHER daughter board for the Bally/Stern pinball MPU. This time the board greatly increases the available RAM and ROM. You might be asking “why would I want that”. Well… most people probably won’t need or want that at this stage [...]

Williams System 6/7 Sound Board Conversion – Using Old ROMs In Newer Boards

27 February, 2011 (21:39) | Pinball | By: admin

Last year I wrote an article about the Williams System 3/4 sound board. That board was used in the early solid state Williams pinball machines. Later machines (System 6/7) used what could be considered a more advanced version of this board. The second generation board is very similar to the original board with some changes [...]

Bally/Stern MPU single 2764 EPROM conversion

21 February, 2011 (10:03) | Pinball | By: admin

A conversation with a fellow collector led me to revisit an old problem that I never really solved at the time. Originally I wanted to develop a method to convert Bally and Stern MPUs to use a single EPROM. Bally had the option to use a single 2764 EPROM on their 6802 MPU so it [...]

Data East Star Wars Repairs

24 January, 2011 (13:08) | Pinball | By: admin

Last year (2010) I bought a Data East Star Wars pinball machine. Overall it was in great condition but there were a few little things that needed to be fixed. One of the stand-up targets was broken and R2D2′s head wasn’t rotating. Fortunately the seller included a new R2D2 motor and stand-up target. The general [...]

Preview – Bally Black Jack Restoration

13 January, 2011 (10:34) | Pinball | By: admin

Well… I’m finally getting back on track with restorations. I’m finishing up the Stern Stingray that I started about 2 years ago and the next in line will be two Bally Black Jack machines. I haven’t totally decided what I’m going to do with them yet. One option is to restore one and sell it [...]

2064 NVRAM Adapters

17 December, 2010 (01:13) | Arcade, Pinball | By: admin

I finally got around to testing my 2064 NVRAM adapters and they work perfectly! Well… technically I’ve only tested one in Data East Star Wars but it works perfectly! These adapters replace the original 2064 RAM on many of the newer pinball systems and eliminate the need for batteries. Adapters for older RAMs (5101 and [...]

New site preview –

17 December, 2010 (01:07) | Pinball | By: admin

Coming early 2011:

Williams System 3-6 Sound Board Repair

12 December, 2010 (14:48) | Pinball | By: admin

Earlier this year I did some work on a Williams System 3-6 sound board for a friend. At the time I thought I would document the repair and also repair a few more of these boards that I have awaiting repair and do a more in-depth analysis of this board but I never got around [...]

Classic Playfield Reproductions Centaur Playfield 2010 re-run

8 December, 2010 (13:49) | Pinball | By: admin

In November 2010 Classic Playfield Reproductions announced a short re-run of their Centaur playfield. It was offered in 3 different versions and I was lucky enough to get one of the prototype version before they sold out. I don’t currently have a Centaur but I have a couple of leads to acquire one and I [...]

Pinball Expo 2010

29 October, 2010 (08:54) | Pinball | By: admin

Happy birthday to me! My birthday is October 20 and this year I flew to Chicago on that day to attend Pinball Expo. I had a great time and I’ll share more detail on the weekend’s events in coming articles but in the mean time I’ve added my pictures from the event to my photo [...]